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Unless you like the "dimpled" look in your quilt, always pre-wash your fabric and batting.
Use your rotary cutter and mat to straighten the edges of blocks and full quilts before applying borders or sashing. This helps to achieve much straighter lines.
Use flat-headed pins when sewing pieces together. Your sewing machine will not get hung up on the pin, and your fabric is much less likely to be damaged.
Always cut on a table at a comfortable height, and with a sharp blade. Safety and good health are important!
Use good quality cotton batting. Cotton is more durable and warmer than polyester. It is also the more traditional choice for batting. We recommend Warm and Natural.
Whenever humanly possible, use your rotary cutter and mat. It will reduce fatigue and make your cuts more accurate.
Invest in a special quilting foot for your sewing machine with a guide for a 1/4" seam allowance. Quilting feet help with accuracy when sewing.
If you have a project that has a lot of points, consider paper piecing. Paper piecing will make is much easier to get straight lines and sharp points.
Design, design, design. Always keep graph paper and colored pencils around the house. Don't be afraid of a blank piece of paper. Just start sketching, you never know what will happen!
Maintain your sewing machine. If you have problems with tension or knots in your thread, bring your machine in for maintenance. You will have many less headaches.
Use good quality thread. In quilting, the quality of the thread is much more important than the color. You want your quilts to last a lifetime, and so do we. Invest a little extra for a quality product.
Keep your mind open. Many quilters stay in the safe zones of neatly matched colors. Just think how different your project would look with bright solids or black for contrast. If you're unsure about a color combination or pattern, try it on a smaller scale such as a pillow or placement before committing to a whole quilt.
Keep a good iron handy. You can only cut and piece accurately if your fabric is flat! Invest in a good, heavy, hot iron. Hot irons also help to ensure that your fabric is preshrunk.

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