The Artist’s Palette began in 2000 as the dream-child of two longtime best friends, Theresa and Sandra. It began with the hope of buying a local quilt store. It grew legs and ran free when the owner of that store turned us down because we were “too young” and instead of taking no for an answer we turned to the emerging marketplace of the internet and launched one of the first fully online quilt shops. Through the introduction of our Quilt Block Italian Charms the business grew into a profitable and sustainable home based business. But the dream to throw open the doors on our own shop remained.

As we’ve grown as a company and individuals we have discovered that our love for all things fabric has exploded into a passion for mixed media and fiber crafting that encompasses everything from paper and ribbon, to flowers and findings, to fabric and stitching and paints and beyond. In 2011, we actively worked for more than a year to open a scrapbooking, paper crafts, and fiber arts store in our weird and wacky town of Eugene, Oregon.

Through that whole year, we dreamed of a place where crafters of all stripes and feathers, ages and interests feel welcome and inspired. We dreamed of a studio that invites, creates, and celebrates community. We dreamed of a space so filled with warmth and beauty that once you’re there, you want to stay all day. We dreamed of a store where we can invite you in, help you to create that project you’ve been meaning to do, and teach you to do something you never knew you could.

We are ecstatic to be able to welcome you to just such a place. Through the generosity and hard work of friends and family, (and those who have become so through this process), we have a bright and beautiful studio to play in and explore. More than that though, we have a growing community of creative kindred spirits who also call this place home.

Come play with us!

The Artist's Palette Studio   |   1710 Oak St, Eugene OR   |   (541) 686-3395
Monday-Saturday, 10:00-6:00   |