State of the Studio

Six years ago we set out on a journey to create a new thing, something that we had envisioned for a very long time. After over a year of searching and working we were finally able to open the doors to welcome you all into our studio, our home away from home, our happy place. We trust that you too have experienced the studio as a place of community, creativity, and inspiration. We hope that you have made a friend at class or had a quiet moment of reflection during a hectic day. We set out to create a place of beauty that would have community at its heart and we are excited to see that continuing to grow and spread.

Many of you have told us over the years how important the studio is to you. We share those feelings, but as we look at signing a new lease, we have come to the conclusion that we are not able to carry on in this project alone. We will continue to pour our hearts and souls into this venture, but our coffers are nearly empty and so we reach out to you for help to keep this place a vibrant and active part of our community.

In the age old tradition of artists and art organizations everywhere, we are seeking patrons to help solidify our financial footing so that we can move forward with confidence that we will continue to offer the best classes, the widest selection of fun products to play with, and the inspiration needed, while still paying the rent.

Become a Studio Patron today by making a monthly pledge. Click the link below to see different levels of giving, and the rewards for each level. Our first goal is 100 patrons at any level. A little from many makes all the difference. If everyone reading this gave $10.00 a month we would be secure in our funding even during the lean summer months.

Thank you for supporting us. Together we can do so much!

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